Champagne Wire Sculpture

After the festive season there tend to be empty bottles and some of them had wire wraps to hold the corks in. Drawing and painting have doodling as a slightly mindless way of expressing whatever is going on inside. It seems to me that every art form should have an equivalent to the doodle. The equivalent in sculpture is making shapes out of the wire wraps from champagne or other drinks. Now if I could only find all those other ones that I have done over the years I could have an exhibition :-)

Moose Kangaroo
Skier Bird
Chair Covered Chair

As the inventor of Champagne Wire Sculpture (or at least as the inventor of the name) I am claiming the right to setting the guidelines as to what is proper and right in acceptable society circles. Here are the main points:

Barbeque Ballet Dancer
Giraffe Chastity Belt


Better pictures of the sculptures on this page and some additional ones, plus the technique of rearranging the wire.

Also worth seeing, Wire Lady, a site with real wire sculptures that includes links to other wire sculpture sites

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