Ray Tomes' Links 
Sites that have (often out of date) links to mine and therefore might be of interest to people coming here.  Most of these are to the links pages of the sites and so will lead the researcher to countless more sites.


 Cycles Research Institute Astronomy page
 Sunspots and planets : a discussion on sci.astro, jul-aug 1995
 Posts about Harmonics theory to Halton Arp's discussion group
 space and physics links
 Space, Science and other
 Star Gazer links
 Cosmic Sites from March 1997
 Explanation of Redshifts
 Explanation of Redshifts
 Personal pages of astronomers
 Spherical energy structures in the cosmos

Physics / Maths

 Cycles Research Institute Physics page
 Scientific & mathematical links (many)
 Chinese list of science sites (old)
 New material for Caroline Thompson's Physics Site
 Physics and other science links
 Interesting scientific links
 Ultimate physics links
 LUXON THEORY - grand unified theory - matter is light
 PIPERS New Zealand Pages - Scientific and Technological Bodies
 long list of various links including science
 I say Cantor was wrong! - a discussion started by me
 Length of wavetrain of a single photon - ditto

Climate / Geology / Geophysical

 Cycles Research Institute Geology page
 Cycles Research Institute Climate page
 Chaos and Global warming
 Earth's Schumann Resonance
 Global Climate Change, Science, and the Future
 Links for E.L.F. Inc.

Alternative Science / Thinkers

 Boundaries of Science web ring (I am a member)
 Large list of serious alternative physics sites
 Institute for New Energy Subjects Index
 --- A massive list of links about energy, aether and everything
 list of alternative physics links
 Keelynet alternative physics links
 Mountain Man's UseNet Archive of interesting posts
 SIS On-line Forum - The Cause of Interdisciplinary Cycles
 Large list of links, scientific and otherwise
 Other Thinkers' Websites
 Society for Interdisciplinary Studies - Internet Digest 1996:2
 AETHER SITES : list of links
 Links to Alternative Physics and Astrophysics
 Modern Scientific Theories of the ancient Aether
 Alternative physics theories
 Neoetherics by Jerry Shifman
 Alternative physics links
 The Independent Research Centre for Unexplained Phenomena
 Subtle Technologies Conference at Interaccess
 Who's who in Frontier physics
 Large list of links on various aspects of science, maths and philosophy
 Accusations of odd science (without good reasons)
 New physics and math (crackpots including Sir Fred Hoyle)
 Aether Theories
 Aether Theories

The main centre for Cycles Research

Cycles Research Institute


 Cycles Research Institute Harmonics page
 Eratosthenes sieve and harmonics theory
 CONVERGENCE III - about harmonic space and time
 Planets and Music
 Harmonics at fusion anomaly
 Liberty Exposure - Harmonics

Music / Tuning

 Overtone singing
 The Physics of Musical Instruments
 The Golden Pages: Links for musicians on the WWW
 Concerning Afro-Caribbean Religion, Santería and Batá Drumming
 Tuning-Related Sites links

Economics / Markets

 Cycles Research Institute Economics page
 Cycles, data and software
 Nature's Pulse links (commodities)
 The Green Eggs Report - URLs from misc.invest.futures newsgroup
 Cycles, astro and markets
 Cycles, commodities and such very large list of links

Biology / Health

 Cycles Research Institute Health page
 Craniosacral (and other) Links
 Introduction to life cycles
 Australian Rabbit Diseases
 Chakras, healing and the musical scale


 Theosophy World posts
 Theosophy World - Issues - newsletter
 Sudarsana - mail archive
 StarWheel Links - alternative and spiritual
 Dream of Liaising with ARE (?)
 Discussion of the foundations of Science and Religion

Other / General

 Cycles Research Institute
 Cycles ???
 Morning glory
 Stone circles comments
 Mark Newbold's Rhombic Dodecahedron Page
 Naturics favourite addresses in Internet
 All sorts of links (2 to me)
 Joe Christensen's Bookmarks
 Stefaan Van Nuffel's Home Page: list of links
 Holistic (Self)Inquiry
 Michael J. Burns book marks
 Long list of various links in french
 Against The LAW ... a debate on determinism