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These web pages are about cycles in everything, the ultimate formula for the universe,
the Harmonics theory, some thoughts on music theory and some of my art and writing.
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Waves - Ray Tomes
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I am a philosopher in the style of the old natural philosophers; a generalist in an age of specialists. Before and after retiring from a career in computers at the age of 42 (that is the meaning of life if you read Douglas Adams*) I spent many years of full time studying what makes the universe tick.
My interests centred around the study of cycles and this ranges over cycles in astronomy, economics, geology, history and physics. It began by my attempts to predict economic cycles using computers and resulted in the development of the Harmonics theory which turned out to be a theory that explained the structure of the universe. The universe, believe it or not, is nothing other than a giant musical instrument with a very special but predictable pattern of harmonically related oscillations which determine the structure of everything from galactic clusters to subatomic particles. Although this theory is properly called the Harmonics theory it may be alternatively known as the Big Bong theory!

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The single axiom of the Harmonics theory is that...
the universe consists of a wave which develops harmonics and each of these waves does the same.
I co-ordinate the cycles email discussion list for those who are interested. This is a free, low activity forum for the discussion of matters relating to waves, cycles, harmonics and the like in all branches of knowledge.
The interdisciplinary study of cycles is a very powerful way to learn new things about the universe around us because there is still much fertile ground which has not been picked over by many in the past. The great work done by Dewey, Wheeler, Kondratieff and Chizhevski is in danger of being forgotten. There has been a steady stream of people who have had to rediscover the truth about cycles for themselves. These pages are my attempt to make the information more readily available to others so that there is a chance to build on what has gone before. The Cycles Research Institute is a new organisation formed in late 2004 to continue the work of Ed Dewey and the Foundation for the Study of Cycles. This and CIFA are the main interdisciplinary cycles studies groups around the world.
There are cycles in everything. There are cycles in the weather, the economy, the sun, wars, geological formations, atomic vibrations, climate, human moods, the motions of the planets, populations of animals, the occurrence of diseases, the prices of commodities and shares and the large scale structure of the universe. None of these are independent of each other. Research shows that very different disciplines often find the same cycle periods in their data. The inter-relatedness of all things is an idea who's time has come. The study of cycles is an excellent way to understand this because the periods of cycles are as easy to recognise as fingerprints or DNA sequences.
Some experiments with waves have been performed and are reported here. I hope also to get working a continuous monitoring system that measures ELF waves and perhaps wind and sea waves also.
Waves - Music Tomes
The musical relationships that exist in cycles in all things has been independently discovered by a number of different people. The harmonics theory explains why this pattern exists. Slightly related to this, I have developed an idea which I call aji for automatic just intonation ("aji" is also the Japanese word for "tasty"). It is a means for programmed tuning of electronic keyboard instruments in real time so that chords are automatically played with correct harmony between all the notes, that is, with automatic just intonation.
I am also an amateur water colour artist and have some of these and my other artistic "creations" available for viewing on this site. Time spent on art has considerably diminished since I got access to Internet in 1994; yes, I have been an Internet junkie.
Art - Music Tomes
Since 1998 I have been practicing Vipassana Meditation, the technique discovered by the Buddha for all beings to find a way out of suffering.  It is very hard work but does allow the gradual purification of the mind and to understand nature at a deeper (experiential) level than is possible with only the intellectual pursuit of science.
I live in Auckland, New Zealand, and so enjoy a moderate and pleasant climate all the year round. For Americans, New Zealand is a couple of islands in the South Pacific that don't appear on your maps because that is where they put the explantory key box in the bottom right corner. Auckland has two harbours with tides that differ by about 3 hours. Our home overlooks the Waitamata harbour.

* As well as a Douglas Adams fan I am a Terry Pratchett fan. These are two of the funny British authors writing in styles that may be called sci-fi humour and fantasy humour respectively. Of course that means that I also enjoy Red Dwarf, Third Rock from the Sun (English style humour from America! or should that be humor?) and the Simpsons.

What's New?
In March and April 2004 - new section on The Physics and Mathematics of the Harmonics Theory, and some tables of harmonics calculations available for DL (see below).
In September 2004 I began doing work for Cycles Research Institute and will mainly concentrate my cycles efforts here in the future. CRI will builda major cycles site in the next few months, and from January 2005 will put out a regular journal. You may join the mailing list (very low volume).
In October 2004 I finally got my own domain name and that is where you are right now. No more change again ever!
On 5-November-2004 an article Everything is Expanding was added to show that the best measurements indicate that not only the galaxies are moving away, but so the solar system, earth moon system and even the radius of the earth is expanding at something like the Hubble rate.
I added links to my blogs on 2-May-2005. I began experimenting with blogging as a way of easily adding little notes and snippets to the net. My two blogs are:
Wobbly Universe (old site) which is my notes about random events in the news and stuff relating to cycles, and
Myanmar - Land of Gold which is a pictorial tour of Myanmar made with a group of about 500 Vipassana meditators, all students of S N Goenka.
I added a new page: Big Bang Bung on 26-May-2005. The evidence is now very clear that the redshift is not a reliable measure of distance for quasars. The conclusion is that physics has to change.
Since getting my own domain name I have been able to get some statistical information about visitors to my site. It has taken a little while for the hits to transfer from my old site, but at present there are 300 to 700 hits per day. This page is the main entry point. Not surprisingly, the search engine traffic comes 70% from google and 20% from Yahoo with some MSN.
While most of the search phrases concern harmonics, cycles, cymatics, physics, and pythagoras, it was amusing to find wire sculpture right up there. I have had email from several real wire sculpture artists and taken pictures of a few great pieces in my travels. I am just a doodler and an inactive one at that. I should confess that although I called them champagne wire sculptures they all really came off sparkling grape juice.
My StumbleUpon Page
I joined Stumbleupon on 18-Sep-2006, which is a great way to find interesting sites and people. Because I was so involved in that I didn't around to putting this here. Start at my stumbleupon page and browse from there. This is a means of exploring the web socially - just try it!
I set up my blogs on my own domain on 4-Feb-2007. Please visit these and leave your comments. This is a better way to discuss things than email because it allows other people to see the answers to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Wobbly Universe Blog of Ray Tomes research on cycles, news reports on cycles, my original research on the Harmonics Theory and discussion of these matters.
Just Thinking From time to time I have a rave about something. I write letters to the NZ Listener and the NZ Herald but they never publish them. Does that make me a subversive? Probably not, but it seems to me that people with very dim thoughts get given all the free air while useful thoughts get ignored. OK, you can ignore the rest of this now ...
On 26-Feb-2007 I joined
and added lots of lots of sets of pictures
Travelling Paintings Family and other animals
I added: Shot Alive on 15-April-2007. Having travelled fairly widely and taken lots of photos, and the family don't want to be bored by them anymore, I thought why not take them to the world and bore them too? Also, funny pictures including the very popular Fibonacci Spirals, Chinglish Signs and Flying Spaghetti Monster. Features some of my art and reviews of the art of others such as Eduardo Delabarra's hilarious cartoons.

More recently I have been experimenting with 3D photography.

Links Within My Site:

The Harmonics Theory The story of how it came about.
The Physics and Mathematics of the Harmonics Theory. [added 2004-Apr-06]
Harmonics: Theoretical Cycles Periods according to the Harmonics Theory.
Harmonics Theory Calculations a 0.2 MB ZIP file containing a CSV file with a table of 13000 strong harmonics computed through to 10^54 [updated from 10^34 on 2004-Apr-06]
The Main Line or very strongest harmonics as a CSV file. [added 2004-Apr-06]
3, 5 to 6, 80 and 160 minute cycles in solar system and beyond and commensurability of planetary periods [added 2004-Nov-02]
Wave Particles: Oscillons, Cymatics Experiments with waves in water that hint at particle structure.
Dewey and Cycles  Ed Dewey formed the Foundation for the Study of Cycles.
Some Cycles Reports and book references.
Cycles Analysis Methods Some hints on Fourier Analysis of Time Series.
Cycles Definition of Terms commonly used in cycles analysis.
Harmonics, Music, Pythagoras & the Universe A discussion from
the Alexandria City group. [links corrected 2004-Feb-18]

AJI - Automatic Just Intonation An invention for making perfect harmony from electronic keyboards.
Just Tuning Frequencies in hertz of notes in each scale.
Everything is Expanding. Even the Earth is Growing! [added 5-Nov-2004]
Champagne Wire Sculpture The lighter side of Art.
Wobbly Universe, my cycles related blog [added 2007-Feb-4]
Just Thinking blog of my philosophical, political etc thoughts [added 2007-Feb-4]
Shot Alive blog, photography, art, humour [added 2007-Apr-15]
aRTy StumbleUpon, my web finds and stuff [added 2007-Feb-4]
Wobbly Universe (old site)
Myanmar - Land of Gold, the dhamma is the real gold
Ray Tomes photo sets on Flickr [added 2007-Feb-28]
Links, links and more links

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